House of T.I.M.E., Inc.

"This I  Must Earn"
An hourglass makes a great mind
soother.  Uses are limited only by your
imagination.  When life isn’t going in
the desired direction, flip it over, give
yourself some T.I.M.E. and start again!

                     We serve women who are:

•        Homeless
•        Addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs
•        Able to read and write
•        Able to physically participate (extensive walking and performing a job)
•        Also, you cannot have attempted suicide within the past 12 (twelve) months.  If you have
     a history of self-mutilating  behavior, it must have been resolved for at least two (2) years.







Read the entire application and
included information pages before
submitting an application.
The House of T.I.M.E., Inc. is a proud United Way
Partner Agency
House of Time, Inc | 1200 Wynnton Road Columbus, GA 31906| Phone: 706-327-6836 | Fax: 706-327-8859

                              This is the Process:

We send an application.

You read it completely, fill out the parts that apply to you, get the required lab work and doctor’s exam, and    
other documentation (including letters).

You return the completed application, including all documentation, lab results, and doctor’s report to us (mail,    
fax, or in person).

We review your information.  As a courtesy, if your application is not complete, we will notify you.  We will notify  
you only once; it is your    responsibility to follow through and obtain the missing information and send it to us.

Once we have received your completed application, we call to schedule a telephone interview with you.   You must
call us on the scheduled date and time to be interviewed.

After your interview, the team will discuss your application and determine whether or not our program is
appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

You (or your contact person) will be notified of our decision.

If you are accepted, your arrival date and time will be determined.  We only admit clients on Monday, Tuesday, and
Thursday and you must  arrive by 3:00 pm.  

The process depends on you!  The sooner you return all required documentation and medical information the
sooner we can conduct your telephone interview and the sooner you will find out if you are admitted.
Admissions Process
Transitional Recovery Program for Addicted Homeless Women