House of T.I.M.E., Inc.

"This I  Must Earn"
Success Stories
"Some people look at our program as tough love, we look
at it as serving one miracle at a T.I.M.E."
-Sandy Watson, Executive Director
An hourglass makes a great mind
soother.  Uses are limited only by your
imagination.  When life isn’t going in
the desired direction, flip it over, give
yourself some T.I.M.E. and start again!
Every woman has a story.....Do you know yours?

Someone else's story can inspire us to triumph over our past mistakes,
choices and regrets.  We hope the stories below touch your heart in a
positive way.
Kjrsten reported for admission 1-2-07 after being released from jail.  She had just had a baby in jail and gave it up for adoption. Her drugs of choice were
methamphetamines and crack cocaine for over 10 years.  She lived on the streets and in her car for over a year.  She prostituted, stole and did whatever
necessary to get her drugs.  She reported multiple cases of rape by drug dealers and abuse from just about every boyfriend she dated.  Kjrsten burned all
her bridges with family and friends and had no where to go and no one to turn to when she reported for treatment.  Her individualized treatment plan
took her a year and half to complete.  She received all the tools necessary to complete her goal of living independently and sober.

Kjrsten completed her program on June 19, 2008.  In attendance at her Moving Forward Ceremony was her step-father, father and step-mother,
numerous friends, co-workers and siblings.  She is currently living in her own apartment, has become manager at a local restaurant and has maintained
that employment since she gained it while at The House of T.I.M.E., Inc.  She is currently drug free and has completed our After-Care Program.  Kjrsten
is part of our Alumni program and is very active in giving back to society.
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